digital printing

Digital printing allows for on-demand printing at short turnaround times. Sign Up Signs offer high quality prints of over 1440 dpi.  From small to big runs we are able to print anything for indoor and out door use.

canvas printing


Canvas printing is done on high quality crack free canvas.

Canvas comes in 260g or 350r. Max width is 1,3m to max lenght 18m.


Big or small we can print and frame canvas prints.

vinyl sticker printing

Sign Up Signs offer a Print & Cut printing facility. Stickers can be print to any size full colour and then be cut out on cut line supplied. 

Small qauntities or big runs welcome

PVC Printing


PVC Printing is printed on several types of PVC vinyl of varying thickness. PVC printing starts on 470g PVC for advertising banners with eyeleds and then goes up to 510g 1000D PVC for stretch frames or Billboards.


We can do the printing and weld any size of banner,put a  seam around it and insert eyeleds if client want a complete service.

poster printing

  • Various sizes and styles
  • Versatile and portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Full color printed available
  • Lightweight

Digitally Printed Posters can be mounted in a wide range of easy change poster frames, displayed unframed, block mounted, or in permanent frames.
Sign Up Signs can produce high quality photographic posters, or we can supply batches of inexpensive posters to suit your requirements.

vinyl Printing


Vinyl Printing is on high quality vinyl. Vinyls we use are a 3-5 year Poli-print.

We print from small vinyls, car wraps to big Billboards.

 Vinyls can be print and cut to any size and shape the customer requires

contravision printing


Contravision is a perforated, self-adhesive vinyl which when printed looks solid from one side and transparent from the other. Any design can be printed onto the product to create a stunning effect while maintaining your privacy and enhancing your branding.

Applied to windows it also acts as a shatterproof film. Contravision is perfect for outside use as it is weather-proof. Contravision also reduces UV rays which could damage your carpets and furniture or interior of your vehicle.

Wallpaper printing


Sign Up Signs offer printing on avariaety of Wallpaper. From self adhesive to applying it with glue. Wallpaper can be digitally printed.

This means you can print a full colour photo or design to the size you want.

We can also assist in the design of your customised wallpaper, as well as the application, eliminating the hassle.

Business cards & flyers


Flyers ans Business Cards are one of the most effective direct marketing tools available nowadays, they are versatile and can be used for a wide range of promotional projects as event announcements, trade shows, promotions of products or services and more.

Business cards are printed on 300gsm paper. it can be single or double sided

Flyers are printed on 80gsm premium bond paper

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